Tuesday, September 09, 2014

August & September Happenings

just catching up a little...
baby blankets, Saturday Market, school starts,  art guild yarn bomb, birthday parties, 
time with friends

Friday, August 08, 2014

My First Teenager

Happy Birthday this week to my beautiful oldest daughter. Most who know me and my family know how much she loves hats :). It wasn't hard to talk her into modeling a few hats I've made recently. It wasn't long before my son and 2 kitties joined in the fun :)

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Summer KittenYarn Crocheting

Here's Snowball inside snuggling up in a big pile of afghans. He's decided that the kittens are ok now that they're older and comes back inside to be a snuggly kitty.

A picture a friend took of me crocheting at the Downtown Saturday Market

some of my 4th of July items at my table at the Saturday Market. My tablecloth is an old afghan that my grandma crocheted (or maybe it's my great-grandma...I'll have to ask my mom)

crowd shot at the Saturday Market. See anyone familiar??
Natasha is in the pink shirt and you can barely see Talon in the orange shorts walking beside her. He's partially hidden by the crowd.

another picture of my table at the Saturday Market

summery hanging towels

the new owner of Raggle Taggle, Erin, is a new crochet friend. Another new crochet friend is Kathy. Here is a display of crochet items at Raggle Taggle made by me, Erin, and Kathy :)